Autism Awareness/Management Seminar (2018)

Words will fail me in describing the emotion and change of expression on the faces of our audience. But I will try. The Master of Ceremony did a great job, with faces filled with smiles and laughter. When Irebamibo Pearl Centre of Hope pupils had their Presentation, I could see compassion, love, and acceptance as everyone sat with so much eagerness not to miss a part of the presentation. Of course they couldn’t stop their ovations in different forms. The Speakers took them to the peak of the program, where everyone’s attention was focused as you could hear a pin-drop silence in the Auditorium.
At this point everyone looked so serious, and all I could see was hands dancing furiously on paper, as they were making notes. The Speakers were engaging, as audience responded by raising of hands and standing up at some point.
It all ended on a high note as we contributed to changing the face of learning disability in Nigeria, West Africa.


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