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Comprehensive Assessment

We assess to obtain objective conclusion about the child with the use of Standardized Psychological Assessment instrument that are culture-fair. Thereafter, professional recommendations will be based on the observations and assessments. Children are assess by our Multi-disciplinary team members.

Individualised Education Plan

Children with autism, and other related developmental challenges, whether they are high or low in functioning will require individualised attention from teachers. Ire Pearl Centre of Hope provides intensive, one – one academic instruction to children. Our curriculum also incorporate A.B.A (Applied Behavioral Analysis) as well as small group-based activities to build special and communication skills, Each child’s IEP (individualised Education Plan) and PLP (Personalized Learning Plan) include viable steps towards gaining a solid education paired with real life skills to harness full potentials. Our teaching methodology is Montessori, however, we teach according to what the child can do rather than what the curriculum dictates.

Applied Behavioural Analysis

In addition to its comprehensive and unique functional academic curriculum, Ire Pearl Centre of Hope offers pupils a unique floor-time therapy and ABA therapy by trained Clinical Psychologist and Behavioural Analyst.

Sensory Integration Program

Sensory Issues is common with children on Autistic spectrum and other related developmental challenges. This explains why they display socially unacceptable behaviours due to their sensitivities. Ire Pearl Centre of Hope team of Occupational Therapists alongside Physical Therapist work to ensure better Sensory Integration with individualize task and activities.

Music Therapy

Ire Pearl Centre of Hope use music as a tool to reach out to children on autistic spectrum. We have dedicated Music instructors who handle music sessions teaching  the use of musical instruments such as piano, drum-set, guitar and so on .

Parent Training Services

We offer training and support to caregivers of these children to assist in reducing the stress level in the course of managing this children at home. Also, to ensure behavior that have been learnt is reinforced outside the centre.

Family Therapy

Ire Pearl Centre of Hope provide family counseling for parents/siblings of children with developmental challenges. This aspect is handled by a senior clinical Psychologist with great levels of experiences.

Psychological Management

IPCH has a arm that offers Psychological services to adult with mental health issues. The therapy sessions are conducted by Clinical Psychologist with years of experiences in  Psychotherapy and assessment. We handle cases like

  • Depression.
  • Anger Management Challenges.
  • Stress management.
  • Marital counseling.
  • Vocational Counseling.


Ire Pearl Centre of Hope offer consultation regarding specific issues ranging from inclusive teaching strategies, classroom management and staff training.