Distance is not a Barrier. We offer Boarding facility for children living with Autistic Spectrum Challenges/Learning Difference Ire Pearl Centre of Hope – Ire Pearl Centre of Hope offer services for children with Autism, developmental delays and learning disabilities.
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Welcome to Ire Pearl Centre of Hope

We offer educational and therapeutic services for children living with Autism, developmental delays and learning disabilities. If your child has been diagnosed with Autism, Ire Pearl Centre of Hope offers help by creating an individualized services plan based on the functional needs of the child and family.


Comprehensive Assessment

We assess to obtain objective conclusion about the child with the use of Standardized Psychological Assessment instrument

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Individualised Education Plan

Children with autism, and other related developmental challenges, whether they are high or low in functioning will require

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Applied Behavioural Analysis

In addition to its comprehensive and unique functional academic,

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Sensory Integration Program

Sensory Issues is common with children on Autistic spectrum and other related

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Music Therapy

Ire Pearl Centre of Hope use music as a tool to reach out to children on autistic spectrum.We have dedicated Music instructors who handle music sessions

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Parent Training Services

We offer training and support to caregivers of these children to assist in

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Family Therapy

Ire Pearl Centre of Hope provide family counseling for parents/siblings of children with developmental challenges. This aspect is handled by

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Psychological Management

IPCH has a arm that offers Psychological services to adult with mental health issues.

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We offer consultation regarding  specific issues ranging from inclusive teaching strategies, classroom management and staff training.