Ire Pearl Centre of Hope is a non-profit organization set up to assist children with developmental challenges and learning difference using therapeutic strategies and assistive learning technique. The categories of children includes those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disability.

The good news is that these classes of children can excel if properly managed with therapies, bio-medical supplements, specialized education, show of love, care and attention. However, the cost of rendering meaningful help is overwhelmingly expensive and could only be afforded by financially privileged parents. It was against this backdrop that most developed countries made it the responsibility of the state to borne all expenses of challenged children.

In Nigeria, there is inadequate governmental support in this regard. The implication of this gap results in parents paying through their nose or forcing these children to learning environments where they are unable to assimilate like typical children. More disturbing is the fact that some parents lock these children to spiritual and temporal homes, orphanages where they are subjected to all sort of abuses.

Therefore, we solicit for compassionate involvement of everyone in order to bridge the gap in reaching these classes of children from the less privileged background. We solicit a generous donation both in cash and helpful resources towards this vision. While anticipating your compassionate response to this project, please accept the assurances of our esteemed regards.


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