Early Intervention and Autism

An effective early intervention programme targets the skills and deficits observed during early diagnosis of autism. Some of the earliest signs of autism are the absence of skills that many of us take for granted. Early signs of autism:

  • Reduced eye contact
  • Orienting when his / her name is called
  •  Absent or delayed language
  • Absent or reduced imitation skills
  • Under or over-sensory stimulation
  • Reduced joint attention (sharing a moment with someone)
  • Unaffected by changes or events within the immediate environment (by pointing or commenting)
  • Regression or loss of social and/or communication skills.                                                                         How can a child be expected to engage in meaningful social conversation if they do not respond to their name or provide eye contact? Establishing a core set of foundational skills is the cornerstone to addressing more complex social, communication, and behavioural challenges (Lovaas, 1987).                                                                 Break the Silence, Seek Professional help.        Support available @ Ire Pearl Centre of Hope.             #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #IrepresentSpecialPeople.

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